Churches in Feuchtwangen

Stiftskirche or Collegiate Church

The Stiftskirche (collegiate church) is a major landmark in the town of Feuchtwangen. It still bears significant Romanesque elements from the former monastery church. The building also features Gothic elements, which can be mainly found in the choir. The Altar of Our Lady was built in 1484 by Michael Wolgemut, who was Albrecht Dürer's teacher. The carved choir stalls were created by Swabian and Franconian artisans in circa 1500.


The Johanniskirche (St John's Church) is the former parish church of Feuchtwangen. The paintings on the vaulted ceiling of the choir date back to around 1400. The Baroque altar was completed in 1680 and the surrounding statues circa 1500. The sandstone relief by Jörg Ehenheim, who died in 1499, is another important piece of work.

St. Ulrich und Afra

The Catholic parish church in front of the gates of the Old Town is the most modern of the churches in Feuchtwangen. The foundation stone for the church was laid in 1960. The church was subsequently consecrated in December 1961. 


The Michaeliskirche (St Michael's Church) is the cemetery church for the town of Feuchtwangen. It is located just outside the gates of the Old Town. It mainly serves as a venue for funerals and memorial services, but regular prayer or special services are also held there.

Schlosskirche Thürnhofen

The church belongs to Thürnhofen Castle, a former manor. The main building of today's castle and the Cavalier House were built at the beginning of the 18th century. The castle church was built in the 19th century on the site of the former castle brewery in the castle courtyard.

Kirche St. Stephan, Breitenau

The Evangelical-Lutheran parish church of St Stephen in the Breitenau district of Feuchtwangen is an aisleless church, the core of which dates from the 14th century.

St. Kilian, Zumhaus

The Evangelical-Lutheran St Kilian church is located in the Zumhaus district of Feuchtwangen.

St. Maria, Dorfgütingen

Evangelical-Lutheran parish church in Dorfgütingen, a district of Feuchtwangen.

St. Michael, Larrieden

St Michael in Larrieden is also an Evangelical-Lutheran parish church.

Unserer Lieben Frau und Maria Magdalena, Mosbach

Evangelical-Lutheran chancel tower church in the Mosbach district of Feuchtwangen.