Festival town on the Romantic Road


In 2019, the town of Feuchtwangen celebrated its 1200th jubilee. The cloister town looks back on a long and eventful history.

Royal court, monastery, collegiate church. Today, when you think of Feuchtwangen, you think of the Kreuzgangspiele (Cloister Plays) and the casino. The market square in Feuchtwangen with its quaint town houses and historic fountain is widely known as “Franconia's Festival Hall”. Other sights worth seeing in the town centre include the old Franconian half-timbered houses, the Franconian Museum and the Sängermuseum.


History of the town

The town of Feuchtwangen on the Romantic Road looks back on its long history. Its origins date back to a Benedictine monastery, which was probably…

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Legends & myths

There are many legends and myths from the Feuchtwanger Land region. The founding of Feuchtwangen is based on a legend, which today is inscribed on the…

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Tour of the town

Marktplatz or Market Square is heart of the town centre, which with its former town hall (today Tourist Office), quaint town houses and old Franconian…

Museums in Feuchtwangen

The museums in Feuchtwangen offer unique perspective.

Monastery and collegiate church


Many visitors who come to Kirchplatz (Church Square) are surprised to find two churches next to each other. The question they often asked is: "Which…

Historical and sweet sides - the group programme

Guided tours

Franconian cream waffles, great theatre, gifts for ladies – Feuchtwangen offers visitors a range of delightful surprises. We inspire our tour groups…