Through the Sulzach Valley - Tour 1

From Peuntweg, follow the path to the Ringstraße and the Alter Ansbacher Berg hill up to the Ansbacher Straße. Then continue along this path, staying to the left, until it leads into the main road that branches off. Shortly before reaching the main road, take the footpath on the left and continue straight ahead until you reach the outskirts of town via Salierweg. The Main-Donau-Weg trail also runs along this route. On the outskirts of the town, go right along the footpath and cross a larger road. On the other side, continue straight ahead to the village of Glashofen. Shortly before reaching the village, a shortcut left in the direction of the forest leads directly to Leiperzell. The trail, however, continues by crossing the small village. At the fork in the road at the end of the village, follow the narrow road on the left past the bus shelter. Just before reaching the St1066 (road), turn left onto a field path, which you follow parallel to the road for 200 m before turning left at the next fork towards the edge of the forest. This path takes you along a small switchback past the Bronnenmühle to the entrance of the Vorderbreitenthann district. Here the circular route turns left and as you follow it, you leave the Main-Donau-Weg trail. The path continues along the edge of the forest into the valley and leads to the outskirts of Oberdallersbach, where you keep to the left. From there it continues straight ahead to the south. After about a kilometre, you leave the road to Leiperzell and turn right and walk in the direction of the forest edge. There you will find the shortcut that comes from Glashofen. At the edge of the forest, turn right again and head south towards Leiperzell. Before you actually reach the village, turn left. Continue straight ahead on the agricultural road, through Poppenweiler, towards Jungshof. Leave Jungshof on the right-hand side and take the path downhill to the right just before the junction with the national road. After the underpass, at the small wooden bridge, turn left and after 80 m turn right again. Follow the path in its zigzag course through Sulzachpark. The first bridge takes you across the river before the next brings you back to the other bank and the car park.

Through the Sulzach Valley - Route 1

Length 12.69 km
Duration210 minutes
Ascent190.29 m
Descent190.29 m

Aicha and Wüstenbach - Tour 2

From the former youth hostel, first follow Dr.-Hans-Güthlein-Weg to Bretzenberg hill. If you want to take a longer hike, follow the path to the end and then keep to the right. However, the circular route follows the Bretzenberg hill to the right, continues past the Aussiedlerhof to the main road, which you should cross carefully. Then keep left at the fork in the road and follow the path straight ahead. The path takes you past private gardens to the edge of the forest, where you continue along the path into the forest. It goes straight ahead through the beautiful Wüstenbach Valley to Rissmannschallbach. In the village at the confluence, turn left and at the next crossroads turn right. Then follow this path along the edge of the forest to a hunter's stand on the left-hand side and the end of the edge of the forest. Here you leave the Main-Donau-Weg trail and go right onto a grass path through the meadow and over a small stream towards the edge of the forest. Follow the signs up through the forest in a zigzag course. Upon arriving at the edge of the forest, turn right and walk along the path between the fields to Zumberg. At the crossroads in the village, keep right again and take the main road to Heilbronn, where you turn right at the crossroads in the direction of Rissmannschallbach. Then keep left both at the fire station and at the next fork in the path until you reach the Aussiedlerhof, where you walk to the right. Do the same after 250 m, which takes you to a gravel path. Then turn again at the next opportunity to the left. The paved path leads back to Feuchtwangen through meadows. At the crossroads shortly after the underpass, keep left and turn left again at the next crossroads. You now walk directly towards the Schulzentrum’s sports grounds. At the fence, turn right and left again and you're back at the car park.

Aicha and Wüstenbach - Route 2

Length 9.92 km
Duration160 minutes
Ascent126.28 m
Descent123.97 m

Through Dentlein Forest - Tour 3

From the former youth hostel, the trail passes under the Kronenwirtsberg. Keep left on the other side and cross the road to Dürrwangen at the pedestrian traffic light. On the way to the Ameisenbrücke bridge, the trail leads outside the town. Stay on the path until you can no longer go straight ahead. Follow the trail through a left-hand bend and then take the path to the right. Then turn right to leave this gravel path and follow the grass path to the left along the rivulet, until you reach a paved path. Follow this to the right and cross the crossing straight ahead in the direction of Wehlmäusel (if you turn right at the crossing, you will come to Bernau). After 100 m, turn left into the forest and follow the path for 700 m to the crossroads, where you then turn right (if you walk straight ahead at the junction, you will come to a loop via Thürnhofen). After 350 m, keep to the right again and after another 350 m you will pass a junction. At the Wöhrweiher, continue 300 m along the road to the left and then turn right into the forest. You then continue past two ponds on the right and come to a junction, where you keep to the right and after 150 m you reach Oberlottermühle. Leave this village on the right and continue walking straight ahead through the forest. After 700 m, you pass a junction and after another 100 m you reach a field clearing. Here walk to the right, approx. 150 m along the edge of the forest, then a short distance through the forest until you come to a gravel path. Follow this to the right to Wehlmäusel. In the village, continue straight ahead, through the yard of the tavern to the edge of the village. Here turn right to the sports field, keep left there on the paved path and follow it through forest and fields to Bernau. In the village at the junction, continue straight past the tavern and leave the village on the road to the north. Stay on this path until you can no longer go straight ahead. Here turn left to Metzlesberg, then always keep to the right. This ensures you leave the village on the trail that leads back to the path to the Ameisenbrücke bridge. Then to the left, the trail goes back to Feuchtwangen.

Through Dentlein Forest - Route 3

Length 15.3 km
Duration250 minutes
Ascent202.64 m
Descent203.53 m

Discover the Wörnitz valley - Tour 4

From the Heckenweiher pond, the trail first leads south through a right-hand bend, past the town boundary sign. After 100 m, turn left and go through Winterhalten. Follow the path to the junction on the hill, where you turn right, along the dirt road, into the forest. Continue straight ahead at the next junction until you reach reach Höfstetten. If you turn right at this junction, you can take a shortcut that leads directly to Mosbach. At the T-junction in Höfstetten, first turn left, up the hill, before turning right at the end of the town. At the fork in the path at the edge of the forest, turn left and follow it. Shortly thereafter, you will come to two more forks in the road. Take the right path on both occasions. After a short while in the forest, you will have a wonderful view over the Wörnitztal valley from the forest edge. Then follow the trail downhill until you reach Tribur. Here turn right and cross the village via the village road until you reach a T-junction with an old signpost from Bavarian royal era on the left. Here turn left and cross the Wörnitz Valley. The path now leads north along the Wörnitz. When you get to the next village, leave the path, turn right and go right into the village. After the church, the path turns left and you continue to the traffic island at the end of the village. Here take the path uphill to the right and follow this land consolidation path, which later becomes a gravel path, first through the forest and later along the edge of the forest. At the top of Vogelbuck hill at the T-junction, turn right into the forest and downhill. After 500 m, turn left and continue down through the forest, which you finally leave. Here you turn left and shortly before Esbach turn right. Cross the village and at the end of the village keep left on the paved path that takes you back to the car park.

Discover the Wörnitz valley - Route 4

Length 11.46 km
Duration195 minutes
Ascent124.74 m
Descent129.36 m

Through the Frankenhöhe forests - Tour 5

The trail starts in Banzenweiler behind the bus shelter by the community centre. From there you walk to the end of the village and turn left onto a path, of which the first section is paved. This path leads south between meadows to a small hill, where you turn right and walk directly to a forest peak. Once there you have a beautiful view over the Feuchtwanger Land region. Keep to the left and follow the path along the forest. After a while, turn left onto a paved path to Unterransbach. There you turn left and then right, cross the road and then walk straight on to the next edge of the forest. At this point, turn left and walk along the edge of the forest again and come to another vantage point, where you turn right and go through the forest to the Frankenhöhe hiking trail. After a short time, both hiking trails turn right onto an adventurous forest path. Follow this for almost 2.5 km towards Sperbersbach. Before Sperbersbach, our circular route separates again from the Frankenhöhe hiking trail. Here, you also have the option of taking a shortcut via Oberansbach.

In Sperbersbach, turn left at the first junction and right at the second junction by the mailbox, and head out of the village uphill to a row of trees. There you first turn 5 m to the left and then walk through the hedges to the right 100 m uphill across through a conservation area. At the edge of the forest, continue along the grassy path to the left up to a fork in the road, where you also keep to the left. After the orchard, the path ends in another one, which you should follow to the right in the direction of the forest. Stay on this path and cross the forest, then continue along the trail between meadows and fields to the next forest. Here you turn right and walk along the edge of the forest. After about 500 m, the path turns right. Shortly thereafter you come to a fork where you turn left into the forest. After approx. 400 m, you leave the path and turn right before you turn left again after approx. 200 m. Upon reaching Bieberbach, keep to the right. After a few metres you will come to a kind of roundabout. Here, keep to the right and turn at the first opportunity. The path leads between fields to the forest. At the edge of the forest, turn left and walk along the edge of the forest to the first vantage point. From here, you can already see Banzenweiler again and can walk back to the starting point between the meadows and fields.

Through the Frankenhöhe forests - Route 5

Length 13.51 km
Duration minutes
Ascent227.51 m
Descent227.51 m

South Feuchtwanger Land - Tour 6

From the Mooswiese car park, turn right walk under the bridge. The path meanders through Sulzachpark and leads to Schopflocher Straße in Aichenzell. Turn right and follow the road to the B 25, then cross it at the roundabout and continue straight ahead for a short distance to the railway line. Cross this and then go straight on to Höfstetten. In the village, turn left. After about 250 m, cross the road between Kaltenbronn and Heiligenkreuz. After a good 150 m, leave the path and walk left into the forest, where after a few metres you’ll come to some ponds. At the third pond, turn right, then keep left after about 250 m and you’ll come to the barbecue area at the Kaltenbronner Weiher pond (nice place to rest). At the end of the pond, you’ll pass under the railway line. The hiking trail keeps to the left and crosses under the main road. After 400 m you’ll come to a junction. If you cross the junction straight ahead, you’ll come directly to Herrnschallbach (possible shortcut). However, the hiking trail turns right and follows the narrow road straight ahead to Mögersbronn. After 260 m, you’ll pass a junction with a monument to land consolidation, and after another 320 m a fish pond will appear on the right. Shortly before Mögersbronn you have a wonderful view of Feuchtwangen. After the village boundary sign, take the path on the left, which after a short time takes you into the forest and through it. On the other side of the forest you’ll have another beautiful view of the Sulzach Valley. Shortly before Zehdorf, the path meets the Romantic Road hiking trail, which you can follow to the north (i.e. to the left) and along the way cross Zehdorf and Herrnschallbach. Leave the Romantic Road hiking trail at the Walkmühle and then turn left onto the footpath. At the end of the footpath, turn left and then, near Aichenzell, turn right again onto the narrow path that leads along the Sulzach to the Mooswiese.

South Feuchtwanger Land - Route 6

Length 13.4 km
Duration215 minutes
Ascent175.6 m
Descent175.6 m