Hiking in Romantic Franconia

European Watershed access route

Hike from Feuchtwangen to Schnelldorf, where the European Watershed hiking trail begins and ends. From Schnelldorf, the 100 km long route follows the European Watershed to Ansbach.

The ridge of the European Watershed determines the direction in which water flows every spring, no matter how small. Romantic routes through woods and fields, which often run along narrow forest paths or through meadows, inspire nature lovers and hikers. During the hike you will experience a varied landscape with tranquil forests, blooming meadows, dry grassland and beautiful views. From Feuchtwangen there is an access route from the European watershed hiking trail. The path leads from Feuchtwangen past Esbach and offers gorgeous views of the first Sulzach and then Wörnitz Valley on the way to Mosbach. The path is about 15 km long.

You can find more information about the European Watershed hiking trail  here.