Romantic Road, Carp Cycle Path, Wörnitz Cycle Path

Cycling in and around Feuchtwangen

The Feuchtwanger Land has many cycle paths for two-wheel enthusiasts to explore. The best known is certainly the Romantic Road Cycle Path, which leads from Würzburg to Füssen.

But the network of cycle paths around Feuchtwangen is expanding. The medieval town of Dinkelsbühl or Schillingsfürst Castle are easy to reach by bike and the region’s cycle paths also lead to the rococo town of Ansbach. A bike map with the signposted bike paths around Feuchtwangen is now available from Tourist Information Feuchtwangen. You can also find a selection of the cycle paths described below.

Sulzach Cycle Path

42 km long cycle path from Schillingsfürst via Feuchtwangen to Wittelshofen along the Sulzach river

Feuchtwangen Carp Cycle Path

50 km long circular route from Feuchtwangen to Bechhofen and back, past the numerous ponds in the Feuchtwanger Land region.

Sulzach - Thürnhofen circuit tour

37 km long, relaxed circuit tour along the Sulzach river and through beautiful forest areas

Schillingsfürst circuit tour

From the Frankenhöhe hill, this beautiful circuit tour takes you along the Sulzach and Wörnitz rivers. From the Frankenhöhe hill

Dinkelsbühl circuit tour

Beautiful circuit tour to the former free imperial city of Dinkelsbühl


The Rad-Schmetterling (cycle butterfly) is a total of four cycle paths around Frankenhöhe hill.

Romantic Road Cycle Path

The cycle path runs from the Main to the Alps.

Wörnitz Cycle Path

This approximately 100 km long cycle path runs from the source of the Wörnitz in Schillingsfürst to Donauwörth, where the Wörnitz flows into the…

Franconian Carp Cycle Path

The Franconian Carp Cycle Path meanders through the region from Dinkelsbühl to Erlangen like a river. In Feuchtwangen, the path splits into an east…

Franconian Lakes & Rivers Cycle Path

Officially opened in June 2019, the Franconian Lakes & Rivers Cycle Path (Fränkische Wasserradweg) connects the Altmühltal valley with the Franconian…

Pilgrimage cycle paths

Way of St James Path, Ansbach

Several pilgrimage cycle paths have been installed in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg parallel to the Way of St James hiking trail (Jakobusweg). The…

Bike tour planner

The Romantic Franconia Tourism Association provides details of the cycle paths available in the entire region on its tour planner page. You can find…