Beautiful tradition

Mayfest in Feuchtwangen

In 2018, Feuchtwangen Mayfest celebrated its 200th anniversary

The tradition of Mayfest in Feuchtwangen goes back to the issuing of a new constitution by the Bavarian King Maximilian I Joseph on 26 May 1818. A day later, the officials of the town of Feuchtwangen swore an oath to the new constitution and ended the day with a big fest. Led by the town band, the dignitaries of the town and the citizens of Feuchtwangen marched from Kirchplatz up to the Kronenwirtswiese (today Maifestwiese) around midday.

The event included skill-based games for children as well as fair stands with sweets and toys, while the adults found fun and entertainment in Kronenwirtswiese’s shady beer garden.

The town council gave all the schoolchildren a tankard of low-alcohol beer and two rolls, after which they all went back to Kirchplatz, where they sung "Now thank God with heart and hands" at the end.

The tradition of the Mayfest has survived to this day (with a few changes). The date is set at short notice by the Mayor of Feuchtwangen together with the schools. Even today, the city councillors and the schoolchildren, led by the Feuchtwanger marching band, march from Kirchplatz up to the Maifestwiese, where various games are on offer for the schoolchildren. Of course, there is no longer a tankard of low-alcohol beer, instead all schoolchildren (even the kindergarten pupils) receive a pretzel and a lemonade. The singing together at Kirchplatz to mark the end of the celebration has also fallen into oblivion.