Culinary delights

Fish and Game Days in Feuchtwangen

For the Fish and Game Days in early November, everything revolves around local fish and game. In 2023 the Fish and Game Days can't take place.

The Fish and Game Days pay homage to regional specialties. Local restaurants will serve game shot the hunters and fish caught by fishermen in ponds and rivers. Various activities offer wildlife information and culinary delights for young and old. Events include a joint game drive, fishing with "goldfish" for children, exhibitions at the Schranne and at the Marktplatz fountain and wine tasting.

The culinary highlight is the InteRRegional tour on Saturday. On this gourmet tour, guests enjoy a 5-course menu as they wander from tavern to tavern - each course is prepared by a different Feuchtwangen chef and served in their respective taverns. The TouRRegional is therefore both a culinary and a communicative experience that has no equal. The Fish and Game Days ends with the Martini Market in Marktplatz and surrounding streets, which attracts visitors with a variety of stalls.

The Fish and Game Days is hosted by Teichgenossenschaft Landkreis Ansbach (Ansbach District Pond Cooperative). The organisation and implementation are courtesy of the Verein Artenreiches Land - Lebenswerte Stadt e.V.